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Westfund/Brown and Bird Financial Planning Corporate Health Plan

Brown & Bird Financial Planning are proud to announce in 2016 that we had formed a corporate health fund partnered with Westfund.  This means that clients of Brown & Bird Financial Planning may go to Westfund and ask for a comparison of their existing benefits to the Westfund/Brown & Bird Financial Planning corporate health plan. 

We have been able to negotiate a 5% discount on Westfund Health insurance policies for our clients who switch across from their existing insurers.  Many clients are telling us that the benefits are better than where they are at the moment and are enjoying savings on their monthly health insurance premiums.  We encourage you to take advantage of all of these additional services that we have now made available to you as part of being a client of Brown & Bird Financial Planning. 

You can contact Westfund at the Mackay office on 07 4957 8188 or visit their office at 24 Sydney Street. Don’t forget to mention that you are a client of Brown and Bird Financial Planning.

Brown and Bird Financial Planning clients visiting Mackay office to compare premiums